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Liev Arch is a team comprised of architects, engineers and design professionals focused on delivering exceptional architectural design services. Our studio is recognized for reliable technical expertise and design excellence.

Team members of Liev Arch believe in a highly personalized approach that is rarely found in larger firms. For us, taking the time to truly listen to our clients helps to ensure a true understanding of their vision and efficiently manage expectations.


Liev Arch successfully manages a diverse range of residential, commercial, education, and medical projects on large and small scales. We are based in El Paso and San Antonio Texas. We  serve clients construction needs across Texas and New Mexico.

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Liev Arch is making an effort to recover the essence of what architecture is and is especially interested in the interaction between solids and voids in negative space. As a firm, we strive to explore transboundary architecture by using El Paso’s placement on the border between NM and Mexico. While exploring the unique opportunities of the region, Liev Arch has successfully created global and multicultural architectural solutions for every project.

We focus on the specific needs of our clients to develop exclusive designs that exceed client expectations in quality, efficiency, and innovation. We provide a one-on-one relationship with our clients throughout the design process to truly reflect their vision. As a firm, we believe in providing our clients assurance thru visualization and we are proficient with multiple visual aids such as SketchUp, Adobe Suite, and Revit.

Liev Arch is proud to be part of the El Paso community as architects, designers, consultants, and professors. We have a strong relationship with multiple architectural firms in both the United States and Mexico, lending to our unique mindset for design. Our firm has a culture of inclusivity and will continue to explore the exciting opportunities of architecture in the Southwest Region.

About the Firm: Inner_about


Liev Arch focuses on our abilities to create innovative and inspiring designs to promote inspiration from our surroundings. Throughout the years we have developed a respectful awareness of our regional context and we inspire to create solutions for a more sustainable future. We endeavor to solve the problems that most people are not aware exist, most especially the balance between the physical structures and the shape of the space between them.

Spacial relations in architecture are the basis of our attitude about the living experience. Liev Arch is sensitive, conscious, and innovative in our architectonic design. We foster the idea that negative space within a structure is actually a tool for positivity. As a supportive factor of the foreground architecture, negative space such as atriums, courtyards, and terraces provide substantial availability for people to integrate and interact more efficiently within the space.

Liev Arch takes great care to design for the future of our region and looks forward to it’s exciting growth.

About the Firm: Inner_about
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