Pure Barre

Location: El Paso, TX
Year: 2014
Type: Retail/ Fitness Facility

Pure Barre is a fitness facility that also serves as a sportswear boutique. The project separated the retail space into three sections. The first is the entrance, equipped with a greeting and cashier counter and a retail space. The layout provides maximum flexibility to arrange products in an organized fashion along with a small dressing room for clients to try on clothing. Beyond this space is a studio for the Pure Barre classes. The studio has a carpeted floor for floor work, one wall of floor to ceiling mirrors, a ballet barre, and a sound system. The third space is located to the rear of the unit. It includes a  restroom, equipment storage area, and cubbies to store guests belongings during classes. The interior creates a welcoming feeling for anyone visiting the facility.


310 N Mesa Street, Ste. 830
Cortez Building
El Paso, Texas 79901

(915) 219-3166

(210) 716-0250

700 N St Mary's St, Ste. 1400
Riverwalk Place
San Antonio, Texas 78205