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Star Kids

Location: El Paso, Texas

Year: 2018

Type:  Pediatric Dentistry

This project includes an original structure to be used partially by Star Kids and partially by another tenant. The exterior is a modern design with a cantilever roof to enhance dimension and create a more uniquely dynamic look. The core objective to this new facility was to establish a sophisticated but kid friendly environment. The exterior materials are natural and subdued with a pop of blue to enhance proportion. The interior layout is directly affected by the window placement, along with the supportive structure for the roof. There is a large waiting room for parents and family members. Beyond the main reception, there is a waiting area designed specifically for children, an X-ray room, sanitary stations, four treatment rooms, and four cleaning stations. The offices are separate from the clinical and childrens area, providing a specific space for administrative work. The color scheme for the interior directly reflects the logo for Star Kids and is vibrant for young eyes to enjoy.

Star Kids: Project
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