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Brilliant Restaurant and Bar Design, El Paso

No two cuisines are the same and there are variations and nuances that helps each restaurant and bar design, El Paso, to portray its own identity. Each one needs to be carefully designed with its eventual function in mind. Lievarch brings unparalleled experience and knowledge to the challenges involved in restaurant and bar architectural design along with a deep understanding and appreciation for the unique region of El Paso.

With a vast portfolio of intelligent, beautifully designed restaurant and bar projects in the area, you can trust Lievarch to create something unforgettable for your next project. Our architectural philosophy emphasizes environmental sustainability as well as a truly cooperative experience closely involving both architect and client.

The Lievarch Approach

We believe that great architecture involves a common discourse among the architect and client as well as the needs and opportunities presented by the identity of the restaurant. Restaurant and bar design requires not only an innovative touch, but, an extremely functional layout that will continue to attract patrons.

Each of our clients has their own set of goals and worries for their projects, which is why we make every effort to give them opportunities to provide feedback at every stage of the contract. We give you the chance to visualize the potential design at each stage using the most current technology, giving you an active role in ongoing modifications.

Why We Enjoy Creating in El Paso

While we strive to create a unique, striking design for every building we work on, no aspect of architecture can be viewed without considering its surrounding environment. The El Paso region has a unique climate and natural beauty that should be accentuated and brought out by buildings of all varieties.

At Lievarch, our team includes experts with substantial experience both living and working in the area. Carlos Lievanos, our Firm Principal, was born and raised in El Paso and is dedicated to preserving the incredible ecosystems in this area. His goal, and the goal of everyone on our team, is to ensure that the region is just as beautiful for the next generation of El Pasoans.

Restaurants and bars in a climate like that of El Paso need to take potential weather conditions into consideration in order to effectively serve customers. One of Lievarch’s considerations is utilizing outdoor space as extended seating area while understanding that the space may need to adjust to the weather.

If you’re looking to create a beautiful and memorable restaurant and bar design, El Paso, and the surrounding area, Lievarch is here to support you at every step of your journey. We aim to clearly translate your vision into reality while maintaining a strong respect for the natural environment as well as the requirements of building in a climate like that of El Paso.

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