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Unique, Sustainable Multi-family Architecture, El Paso

Multi-family Architecture, El Paso

Lievarch is among the leading architecture firms in the El Paso area, specializing in the utilization of negative space. Multi-family buildings bring their own set of challenges and opportunities. It can be difficult to create an architectural design that enhances the unique style and beauty found in and around El Paso. Liev Arch strives to continue its use of negative space, skillful orientation, and environmentally safe materials to achieve complimentary designs to house multi-family homes.

We are proud of the projects we have accomplished that contribute to the increasing need for apartment style residences and other multi-family structures in the area. We look forward to approaching each new contract as an individual, unlike any other. Through a personalized connection between client and architect, and a strong respect for the region itself, Lievarch can offer you unparalleled results.

Serving Our Community

Here at Lievarch, we consider ourselves contributors to the El Paso and Albuquerque areas, which is why we take our role in our communities very seriously. We make every effort to accentuate the natural beauty of the region and do our best to help it stay that way for generations to come.

Carlos Lievanos, our Firm Principal, was born and raised in El Paso and has worked on countless architecture projects in the area over the years. He takes inspiration from the environment and incorporates it in all of his designs, striving to create buildings that fit well into the surrounding vista.

What Makes Lievarch Different?

One of our priorities at Lievarch is making sure each project communicates the client’s unique vision while considering the parameters dictated by the building’s eventual use. We believe that a thoughtful design doesn’t have to sacrifice its functionality in order to achieve a striking, beautiful look.

Part of striking a delicate balance between our unique local beauty and contemporary architectural demands involves blending elements of both to accentuate each one’s qualities. The Onix, a recent multi-family architectural project, included several features to provide shade and cooler air while maintaining an understated, modern feeling based in the vernacular of the traditional southwest. It is one of many projects in which we were able to address many of the building’s functional goals without hurting its aesthetics.

At Lievarch, we view our clients as individuals with their own sets of goals and needs for each project. Whatever your needs for multifamily architecture, El Paso, are we hope to hear from you soon for more details and a consultation. Contact us through our website today to get started.

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