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Creating Your Dream Home Design, El Paso and Albuquerque

Building or remodeling a home is an incredibly exciting process that allows you to create the living space you’ve always dreamed of. In addition to providing maximum functionality, a high-quality architectural home design, El Paso should convey the client’s vision and personality while accentuating the natural environment.

Here at Lievarch, we’ve worked on countless home projects ( involving a wide range of clients with equally diverse goals. We bring a unique architectural philosophy to every contract that helps us focus on our client’s needs and promote sustainable, responsible design.

Working with Lievarch

We believe that our progressive approach to architecture sets us apart from other firms in the El Paso area, and our commitment to environmental and aesthetic goals is shown in each of our projects. The Lievarch team is deeply connected to the region and prioritizes its appreciation for the beauty and wildlife found in and around El Paso.

It’s vital to our approach that every client feels their voice is being heard throughout the process, and we strive to actualize each client’s vision. We utilize the latest technology to provide clients the opportunity to visualize the design of the project at each stage, allowing them to provide us with constructive feedback.

Our Connection to El Paso

No building is complete without careful consideration of its surrounding environment, and we take a variety of external factors into account throughout the design process. The unique placement of El Paso between Mexico and New Mexico presents many difficult challenges while also opening up a world of possibilities including conveniently sourcing local artisanal materials from the region and from Mexico.

There are multiple facets to creating a cohesive final design but the firm is known for accomplishing strong designs that represent the home owners. For example, Cielo del Rio was a recent project where we were tasked with creating an addition to an award winning home that was to include the music room, guest room, and workshop. As a firm we strive to make homes and extension of the family.

If you’re intending to design a home that is truly tailored to your lifestyle, Lievarch has the tools to help you create the residence you’ve always imagined. We’re deeply attached to the El Paso area as well as our architectural philosophy. Our years of experience working on architectural home design, El Paso region, has given us the expertise necessary to ensure that every project is a success.

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