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Commercial Architecture, El Paso: Sustainable Design

If you’re looking for a commercial architecture, El Paso, firm, you’re likely concerned with creating a memorable, durable design that serves your functional needs. Like any other form of architecture, commercial work involves a balance between form and function, but it also presents unique challenges and opportunities.

Unique design is always the result of a productive, close relationship between client and architect. The weather and climatic conditions in the El Paso region also lead to another set of considerations, as all commercial buildings need to be designed while keeping their surrounding environments in mind.

Responsible and Beautiful Architecture

At Lievarch, our goal is to find new ways of designing and constructing striking buildings in El Paso and Albuquerque. To help our clients reach unique solutions that are tailored to their needs, we emphasize respect for the natural environment as well as close collaboration throughout the design process.

At each stage of the design, we offer clients the ability to visualize the finished product and provide feedback. We strive to make each project fit seamlessly into its environment and emphasize the natural beauty of the area. Years of experience in this unique region have helped us maximize the utility of the design without damaging the aesthetic quality of the building itself or its environment.

Why Lievarch?

Lievarch brings a fresh perspective to the world of commercial architecture that comes out clearly in each of our projects. One of our top priorities is ensuring a sustainable future for our natural environment, both locally and globally. Carlos Lievanos, our Firm Principal, was born and raised in the area and has a great appreciation for its unique character and we make an effort to maximize the use of both voids and solids to create negative space.

With ties to firms in both the southwest United States as well as Mexico, we have a unique international profile that helps us create multicultural solutions for a multicultural area. Since each client, building, and location is different, no two designs look the same, and each reflects the specific character of that project.

Getting Started

If you’re interested in working with us on an upcoming project, please browse our gallery of completed designs to get an idea of our range and the possibilities we can unlock for you. We’d love to hear your goals and needs and begin collaborating and working toward a common goal.

Whatever your architectural needs, you can trust us to foster a positive, personal relationship that will allow you to turn your vision into a reality. We have extensive experience working on a range of commercial architecture, El Paso, projects, and we hope you join us in promoting a beautiful, sustainable future for El Paso.

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